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saturday: party time!

you never know what you're going to find every saturday night at our weekly party, a get-together unlike any other!

come see what we're serving this week!

host: sara

sunday: advocacy 101

the advocacy chat helps parents address the issues they face in working with teachers, schools and other providers in meeting their children's many needs.

hosts: gina

monday: adhd: it's all in the family!

adhd affects the daily lives of millions of people — and the daily lives of the people who live with people with adhd. it's one condition that truly is all in the family.


wednesday: education

educational issues are deep and intense; a lot is riding on the balance. this chat takes some of the mystery, and the frustration, out of dealing with educational issues.

hosts: sue and marge

thursday: parenting the challenging child

offering their intersecting viewpoints about parenting the challenging child are your hosts, sara and marge. sara is marge's daughter and the mother of four boys herself. each one can attest to the challenges of raising a variety of children.

hosts: sara and marge


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