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april 2008: ah, crocuses!

a long, cold winter finally yields the floor of the garden to the crocuses, snowdrops and popping greenery of early, early spring.

take a look as marge's garden sheds its winter doldrums.


june 2007: hot, dry, summery

marge's garden has taken off this year. crocuses, tulips, peonies and poppies have come and gone.

visit these pages to get a look at this year's flora, fauna and festivities:

morning glories, hydrangea

cardinals and lilies

a look around the place


july 2006: warm colors, hot days

the solstice and the fourth are past. the garden bursts with the colors of lilies.

hydrangea, coneflower and roses also pose in their summer finest.

early july flowers

late july flowers


june: bright light for all

summer arrives, bringing along sunshine and pleasantly hot days.

the garden has peonies and poppies alongside foxglove and astilbe.

it is a time of colorful transition from spring to summer.

early june flowers

late june flowers

may: so green, so lush

may blooms are bright in the garden. but what really stands out is the green—so many different shades!


april: tulips

crocuses give way to daffodils, quince and then tulips in april. and green shoots are everywhere!

march: crocuses

this patch of crocuses popped up in mid-march. they were joined by purple crocuses and white ones as well.


seasons past

our garden is more than a dozen years old. and it's still growing!

photos from earlier seasons are online, too. click through for last summer or the winter just ended.

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